Janzu Water Massage Therapy


"Janzu" meaning "pacific river" in Chinese. 

It is often considered the therapy of rebirth.

I was fortunate enough to experience this specialist form of therapy myself. I offered to make an artistic film for Adriana Alcaide, of which she could use to tell the story of what she does in the water. 

This film is based on emotion and feeling; the slow motion cinematography and her own voice singing, allows the viewer what to expect. The subtle ripples of water, the nearly overexposed reflections upon the water. A special film for a special craft.

Adriana Alcaide is one of few people who practice the therapy here in Europe. 

It's consideration comes from a comparison of water with the amniotic liquid of the mum's belly. Some shamans in Mexico use similar technics of Janzu with pressure on specific points, in order to create a state of regression. People experience a liberation of their troubles and blockades.